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Kairos Outside

Additional Information

 The idea of Kairos Outside came from the chaplain at San Quentin State Correctional Facility in California in 1989.  After the first Kairos Inside weekend he, along with others involved in the Kairos ministry, felt that the prisoners who became involved in the Kairos program were now open to family unity, more so than ever before.  He asked Kairos to create a program that would minister to the female family members of the incarcerated.  California volunteer, Jo Chapman, and several other volunteers took the chaplain’s idea and developed the Kairos Outside program.  The first Kairos Outside Weekend was held in Northern California in 1990.

The Goals of the Kairos Outside Weekend
1-To Provide a Safe Place
2-To offer unconditional love and acceptance in a Christian setting
3-To encourage the sharing of one’s life journey
4-To create an opportunity for a relationship with God
5-To foster spiritual growth
6-To promote participation in support groups

How You Can Volunteer for the Weekend

Become the hands of Christ by serving on the Weekend Team
A typical weekend hosts around 30 guests, with a team of 30-40 women serving on the team. 
The team includes same gender leaders, clergy, agape coordinators, table leaders, table servers, musicians, kitchen staff and coordinators.  Some volunteers will be asked to give talks during the weekend.  Men can volunteer for the women's weekend but serve only in the background.  Men have no contact with guests.

Serve as an Angel
Angels are volunteers willing to drive our guests to and from the weekend.   Angels also work behind the scenes helping to set up and clean up for the weekend; assist the kitchen crew, the agape crew, and the music team Angels are not seen on the weekend and do not have to sign up for the entire weekend – just the portion they choose.

Learn More about the symbol

 The Symbol was designed by a graphic artist friend of an early volunteer.  The logo was designed in keeping with the woman’s Kairos Outside Weekend Experience.  The woman shared about the desire to connect the inside and the outside with love as the container.  The heart, the container, depicts God’s love with the male and female silhouettes found there.  It unites the inside (prison with bars) and the outside (darkness and unseen bars).  It shows women doing time right along with those inside.